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Bailey, Robbie Speech & Language Pathologist
Bates, Cynthia Librarian
Belser, Maurice PE/Football Coach
Brooks, Amy Resource
Brown, Heather Middle School English
Bryant, Jennifer Middle School Math
Chappell, Jillian Math
Curtis, Vicki Title I Intervention
Dodson, Leila High School Biology/Science
Edwards, Mae Family and Consumer Science
Emerson, Jaime Language Arts
England, Jayson Agriculture
Garth, Lynisha
Gartman, Pat Title i Intervention Teacher
Glass, Cynthia Math
Greene, Bobby Social Science
Harrell, Susan Special Education
Hulsey, Amanda Language Arts
Ingram, Tamara Sp. Ed.
Knight, Annie Business Education
LaGrone, Lydia Science
League, Stephanie Math 9th and 10th Grade
Leopard, Christy 7th & 8th Science
McConnell, Monica Gifted Education
McCord, Elaine
McCrary, Vicky Spanish
McGee, Eric Social Science
Moran, Whitney
Paul, Jordan Health/PE/Girls Basketball Coach
Sharp, George ELA Remediation
Stephens, Johnny Sp. Ed.
Stone, Vechiel Band Director
Taylor, Dale Social Science
Tucker, Tracy 6th Grade
Waldrop, Emily FACS
Wales, Cindy
Walters, Jennifer Sp. Ed.
Whitt, Chris Physical Education