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Principal's Corner

Working Together/Sportsmanship

The close of each sporting season brings feelings of accomplishment, but a winning year is something special. The sensation of victory, of having achieved that which you set out to gain, is an experience you will never forget. Only a short time ago, students from our school were coming together to form our team, just as students were forming teams in other schools. What made the difference between our winning team, and the other teams that fell short of their goal? Our ability to work with others for a common aim was undoubtedly that factor. Our successes are more than victories against odds; they are measured in that which we have learned as a team member. Take pride in what can be gained when working with others. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM FOR THEIR SUCCESSES THIS YEAR AND GOING BACK TO BACK AS ALABAMA CLASS 2A FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS.

High School Athletics emphasizes sportsmanship and positve values. All of us have worked hard to create a sense of teamwork, respect, resposibilty and perspective. Be reminded that we expect good behavior and will quickly penalize misconduct. We encourage and appreciate your help. Let competition reflect mutual respect among all participants, coaches and officials.

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