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Tanner Cafe

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Welcome to The Tanner Cafe!  


May Breakfast Menu: 

May Lunch Menu: 



Breakfast Prices


Students, Grades PK-12 -Free


Children (Visitors) $1.50


Adults (Board Employees, Volunteers) $1.50


Adults (Visitors) $2.00


All a la carte items cost extra


Lunch Prices


Students, Grades PK-3 (Full Price) $ 2.50


Students, Grades 4-6 (Full Price) $2.50


Students, Grades 7-12, (Full Price) $2.50


Students, Grades PK-12, Reduced Price $.40


Adults (Board Employees, Approved Volunteers) $3.15 Adults (Visitors) $4.00 Children (Visitors) $2.75


All a la carte items cost extra