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  Mission Statement  

Our Mission:

Leading the way to educational excellence in our commitment to children providing a safe nurturing environment for learning through stakeholder support.

  About The School  

School Academics

ARMT = 89% of third grades were proficient (Levels III, IV)in Reading and math. Of fourth graders, 88% were proficient in reading and 95% in math with only one student scoring a Level I. Fifth grade students in reading were 86% proficient and 99% in math. In sixth grade, 92% of students were proficient in reading and 82% proficient in math. Seventh graders were 88% proficient in reading. Eighth graders were 82% proficient in reading.

Alabama Science Assessment - 79% of fifth grade students achieved proficiency with Physical Science having the highest percentage.

DIBELS - First grade received 88% on Oral Fluency at the end of 2013. This was the highest percentage achieved by first grade.

ACCESS for ELLs - Tanner High School made AMAO-A in 2012-2013. 67% improved by 0.5 or greater on ACCESS for ELLs with the target being 48%. Only 11% of EL students have been in the program 5 years or more. 41% of Els made AMAO-B with the target goal set at 16%. 86 students were tested total. There are three students in Tanner's Pre-k program and each of the students will be served this school year.

AAA - 61% of students scored Level III, and IV in reading. 77% Level III and IV in math. Science was a strength with 83% scoring Level III.

The graduation rate for 2012-2013 was 77%.

2012 US News Bronze award for Best High Schools in the Nation

Tanner offers a varity of learning opportunities.

IVC lab of video distance learning

ACCESS for computer based distance learning

AP classes

Dual enrollment, partnered with Calhoun Community College

Opportunity to attend Career Technical School

Credit Recovery



Extra Curricular Activities

Tanner has highly successful extracurricular activities.

High School Scholar’s Bowl was in the top eight schools in the state in 2013.

Boys Basketball: State Champions: 1986, 2011, 2013

Final Four: 1997, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014

Girls Basketball: State Champions: 1983, 1986, 2011

Final Four: 2007, 2012

Football: State Champions: 2012, 2013

Semi Finals 2011

Track: State Champions: 2012

Band: Received Superior Ratings: 2011 Received Superior Ratings with distinction: 2014

The only high school band in the state to receive Superior w/distinction ratings, with less than 300 high school students in the school.